We're back for round two.

Printing Hub 2013 is the conference for printers who normally hate conferences. Most conferences are a waste of your time and money—you’ve been there and done that. From their generic speakers to lousy presenters who offer no actionable takeaways, attendees leave without getting what they paid for.

Printing Hub 2013 promises to be an entirely different animal. Whether you were at last year’s conference or if you’re a first-timer, we promise you’ll get an intensive, hands-on experience that’s different than any conference you’ve ever been to.

The presenters have taken a sworn oath to include action steps you can use immediately. You’ll walk away with a strategic plan and everything you need to implement it. We’ve cut the crap and focused on the good stuff.

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“Printing Hub 2012 was life changing for me. It taught me many important things, including how to delegate. We're amazed at our company’s transformation. Employees are accountable for their departments and I'm able to work ON the business for the first time in forever! This conference was worth every penny!

- Monika Baker, Printing Solutions