Conference | May 14–15 Chicago Users Group | May 15–16

Why Printing Hub Will Be The Best Conference You Attend All Year.

It’s the talk of the printing industry.

  • “Printing Hub 2012 was life changing for me. It taught me many important things, including how to delegate. We're amazed at our company’s transformation. Employees are accountable for their departments and I'm able to work ON the business for the first time in forever! This conference was worth every penny!”
    —Monika Baker, Printing Solutions

  • “I don't know what else to say, but WOW! I've gone to many conferences and I've been in the printing industry for 40 years. I gave every speaker a 10, 10, 10! I've never in my life done that.”

    —Dee Bisel, Minuteman Press

  • “I learned a lot about social media. I've taken our company into the 21st century as far as online marketing.”

    —James Pierce, Kwik Kopy Digiprint

  • “I've learned a lot about marketing my business and dealing with my employees.”

    —Nolan Pointer, Gateway Printing

  • "There were really great presentations. All kinds of important information really stuck out."

    —Rick Schildgen, CL Graphics

  • “I'll be back here next year!”

    —Taylor Johnson, JPS Graphics

  • “I’m going home and taking all this back to my staff to inspire them and teach them to take some risks. Let’s go out there and go above and beyond our competitors and really get going.”

    —Kriss Haase, Express Copy & Printing

  • "Thanks to the Printing Hub conference, we're working on our Recovery Manifesto. I also fired a customer without regret, and we're tweaking our prices so we charge what we're worth!"

    —Glenda Mowry, Rio Rancho Printing

  • "I can say one thing, wow! I came back from Printing Hub loaded and rolling with information. I even implemented a takeaway document with ideas from the conference and we hired an intern."

    —Mike Burnett, Pathway Digital